CRD-1 was founded, in large part, because of charges, and counter-charges, around antisemitism and racism within the local political scene. We have grappled, over our time together, with the weaponization of antisemitism in the national scene: the firing of Professor Marc Lamont Hill (late 2018), the case of Angela Davis and her award then un-award from the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute (Jan 2019), and attacks on Representative Ilhan Omar (Feb 2019), for example. We clashed, in the summer of 2019, with DC’s Office of Human Rights over its “Jews and Allies” program.

More on all the above is forthcoming. Meanwhile, we have no clear recommendations on resources regarding these complex, and regularly divisive, issues.

We’ve studied historical issues, like blood libel — and applied those to our local work.

We’ve discussed the lack of support from Jewish communities — locally and nationally — for responses to white supremacist threats. See, e.g., Charlottesville, DC, and Jewish Responsibility.

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