Sixth Candle: Mutual Aid and Housing Instability

For Chanukah’s sixth candle, DC’s Cross River (Black-Jewish) Dialogue encourages dedicating resources — including attention, time, and funds — to Mutual Aid for support of those experiencing housing instability. (Serve Your City, again, as Mutual Aid hub)

Dedicate Attention/Time

Connect with Serve Your City for efforts to address housing instability

Learn about “Vacancy to Virus Reduction” — V2VR — plan developed by those most affected

Learn about and participate in DC’s wider Mutual Aid Network

Dedicate Funds

Donate to Mutual Aid

Urgent, Immediate Community Need

James is a lifelong DC resident, currently unhoused; and, as we know, being poor is expensive. We’ve helped him get re-connected with his lawyer and social workers and are working with them on long-term support. But DC social services for unhoused folks are depressingly limited and take some time to mobilize; in the meantime, we are his community of care.

We’ve been able to gather many donations from our friends and family in the last few weeks to keep him in AirBnbs and out of the cold and rain, but most of those folks have donated all they can. So we’re reaching out to our DC community to see if you can help us help James! If you’re able to give anything at all, it is deeply appreciated. Paypal, CashApp, or Venmo to scottyb545. If you don’t have any of those platforms, let us know, and we’ll find another way. James is one of the sweetest people we’ve ever met, and is so grateful for his community showing up for him. Thank you in advance for being a part of that! — Scott Brown, Cross River Dialogue

Full list of Cross River 2020 Chanukah Dedications

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