Eighth Candle: Occupation Free DC; white supremacy and police

For Chanukah’s eighth candle, DC’s Cross River (Black-Jewish) Dialogue encourages dedicating resources — including attention, time, and funds — to Occupation-Free DC and to addressing white supremacy and policing.

Dedicate Time/Attention

Learn about Occupation Free DC

Learn important background from Amnesty International

Learn about ADL’s “Leadership Seminar” and the racial profiling practiced and taught

Check out CRD’s “Message for Jews who Say ‘Black Lives Matter‘”

See CRD’s page, December 2020 in DC, regarding police and white supremacists

Dedicate Funds

Support Jewish Voice for Peace DC Metro (for Occupation-Free DC Campaign) and/or one of the many local or national groups working to address white supremacy in- and outside of relationship to policing.

Full list of Cross River 2020 Chanukah Dedications

Images: 1) eight lighted candles plus center shamash/helper candle. 2) Graphic reading “8th Candle: Addressing White Supremacy, policing, Occupation Free DC”

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