About Cross River DC

DC’s Cross-River Dialogue was a small group dedicated to building understanding across Black and Jewish communities in the District. “CRD-1,” which began meeting in July 2018, is composed of members of Black and Jewish communities — non-Jewish Black people, who live and/or work east of the Anacostia, and white Jews, who all live west of the river — who began meeting in July 2018. Another group, consisting of a different mix of Black and Jewish people, began in 2019.

The District experienced a difficult season around issues of racism and antisemitism in 2018. In response, We Act Radio hosted a Juneteenth bridge-building event co-sponsored by WPFW’s “To Heal DC” and Jews United for Justice. The Cross-River Dialogue grew out of that event and out of the efforts of Sig Cohen, who works in mediation and community building.

CRD-1 began this blog as a means of keeping one another, and anyone else interested in the wider community, abreast of events and resources of possible use. It now serves as archive.