About Cross River DC

DC’s Cross-River Dialogue is a small group dedicated to building understanding across Black and Jewish communities in the District. “CRD-1,” which began meeting in July 2018, is composed of members of Black and Jewish communities — non-Jewish Black people, who live and/or work east of the Anacostia, and white Jews, who all live west of the river — who began meeting in July 2018. Another group, consisting of a different mix of Black and Jewish people, began in 2019.

The District experienced a difficult season around issues of racism and antisemitism in 2018. In response, We Act Radio hosted a Juneteenth bridge-building event co-sponsored by WPFW’s “To Heal DC” and Jews United for Justice. The Cross-River Dialogue grew out of that event and out of the efforts of Sig Cohen, who works in mediation and community building.

CRD-1 began this blog as a means of keeping one another, and anyone else interested in the wider community, abreast of events and resources of possible use. We are now working on shifting the focus to reparations as well.

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