Chanukah Dedications 2020

Chanukah” — which has a complex meaning as a holiday — means, literally: “dedication,” and it celebrates increasing light at a time of darkness. Cross River Dialogue invites all, Jews and non-Jews, to take the opportunity of these days, Dec. 10-18, to explore dedication and light in Washington DC. For each of the eight candles, we invite you to learn about work of our members, join in where appropriate, and support with finances as you are able.

To begin here are candles 1 through 3 and 4 through 6. Check back as the light increases!

Chanukah (also spelled, Hanukah and many other ways) is a paradoxically both a cheerful festival of light, increasing lights on each of eight nights to coincide with the darkest days of winter, and a holiday marking a complex, violent episode in Jewish history and the subsequent re-dedication of the ancient Temple. More on this at another time perhaps.


First Candle, Dec 10/11 — Black Coalition Against Covid

Second Candle, Dec 11/12 — Ward 8 Forests — check here for Saturday clean-ups and for upcoming Memorial Forest event, 12/16

Third Candle, Dec 12/13: Gun Violence Prevention — Also go directly to Facebook for advance notice on Sunday “bullet melting”

Fourth Candle, Dec 13/14: Nat’l Association for the Advancement of Returning Citizens.

Fifth Candle, Dec 14/15: Serve Your City: Education and Enrichment

Sixth Candle, Dec 15/16: Mutual Aid Network: Housing Instability

Seventh Candle, Dec 16/17: Make Go-Go Forever

Eighth Candle, Dec 17/18: Occupation Free DC and race and policing

PLUS Shamash, the Helper Candle (coming soon)

Dedication image includes nine candles labeled as follows: (1) Black Coalition Against Covid, (2) Environment and Ward 8 Forest, (3) Next Level Vision: Gun Violence Prevention, (4) National Association for the Advancement of Returning Citizens, (9) We Act Radio/We Luv Books, (5) Serve Your City: Education and Enrichment, (6) Mutual Aid Network: Housing Instability, (7) Make Go-Go Forever, (8) Addressing White Supremacy, policing, Occupation Free DC. Text below the candles reads:

DC’s Cross-River Dialogue is a small group of white Jews, who live west of the Anacostia River, and non-Jewish Black people, who live and/or work east of the river. We began sharing stories and perspectives in July 2018, with a focus on supporting one another’s work and increasing understanding across our river-divide. We also seek to direct resources across the river.

In the spirit of Chanukah [literally: “dedication”], we dedicate time, funds, and attention to members’ projects. We invite others to join us in focusing each of 8 candles, plus the 9th “helper” candle, on a community need addressed by one or members of our Cross River Dialogue.

(Not every member endorses each project. But we all support one another.)