DC Health Hearing 10/26

ON FRIDAY, October 26th at 10 am in room 500, the DC Council Committee on Health will hold hearings on several bills, including the “East End Health Equity Act of 2018” — which could help speed up the process toward a new hospital in Ward 8.

AND FOR BREAST CANCER PREVENTION ADVOCATES: There will also be a hearing at the same time on the “Breast Density Screening and Notification Act of 2018.”

Some background from Health Alliance Network:
On Tuesday, October 16th, the DC Council unanimously passed the “Clarification of Hospital Closure Procedure Emergency Amendment Act of 2018.” This legislation “CLARIFIES” that the Executive Branch of the DC government — through the Mayor vis-a-vis The Department of Health, has the AUTHORITY to deny the immediate closure of Ascension Providence hospital’s obstetrics and emergency departments.

That means that Mayor Bowser has the authority to at least delay this closure [hopefully until June] until a transition plan for the city’s other hospitals to absorb the anticipated 50,000+ users of Providence’s emergency department can be implemented. It would also provide time for the hundreds of professional medical staff and physicians to find other job positions in the region. As an appointee to the Commission on Health Equity by Mayor Bowser, I am stating that this a Health Equity issue, considering the potential health consequences for women and poor and low income communities in Wards 5, 7 & 8. I am confident that the Mayor will make the right decision and consider the health equity issue involved. I am also grateful to Chairman Mendelson and Council members V. Gray, K. McDuffie, R. White, and A. Bonds for leading support for this.
— Ambrose Lane Jr., Chair, Health Alliance Network

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