Seventh Candle: Make Go-Go Forever

For Chanukah’s seventh candle, DC’s Cross River (Black-Jewish) Dialogue encourages dedicating resources — including attention, time, and funds — to Make Go-Go Forever.

Dedicate Time/Attention:

Learn about Go-Go and its relationship to DC (start at Museum and Cafe site)

Explore topics of displacement and gentrification with Kymone Freeman on MixCloud and We Act Radio’s program “Gentrification or Displacement,” hosted by Joseph Young.

Check out background for the “Go-Go City” documentary — and see it:

DC Go-Go Film and Concert: Online, Dec 17, 7 p.m.

Screening of the new documentary, “Go-Go City: Displacement and Protest in Washington DC” plus Performance by the legendary Back Yark Band. Register here.

Dedicate Funds:

Shop at the new Go-Go Museum and Cafe and/or donate

Full list of Cross River 2020 Chanukah Dedications