#NoMoreStopandFrisk Canvassing Event 11/8

Stop-and-Frisk Canvassing Orientation on November 8.

What Do We Know About Stop-and-Frisk in DC?

Far too little. Despite being required by law to keep comprehensive data on Stop-and-Frisk, the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) has so far refused to collect and report this data. Of the limited partial data they have released 83% of all Stops-and-Frisks were of Black residents, who make up less than 48% of DC’s total population.

DC residents have years of stories of being stopped, followed, and abused by police who routinely violate their civil rights. And while the MPD has claimed to have ended jump out squads, described as “DC’s scarier version of stop and frisk”—which involve heavily armed teams of undercover officers violently searching and arresting anyone deemed suspicious—these tactics have also continued.
— from SPTDC

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